Magswitch Magnets

Magswitch is a mechanical device that turns a permanent magnetic field completely ON and OFF.  The advantages provided by Magswitch Technology offer significant, new capabilities in steel fabrication and handling.

Lifting Solution

Lighter! Safer! Stronger! Exceptional hold on thin steel, strong magnetic force with light weight and compact,  replaceable pole shoes, Periodically replace the pole shoes to maintain safety and extend the life of the lifter,  attachable on curved surfaces as well as flat surfaces

Welding and Shipbuilding Tools

Productivity Improvement! Welding Quality Improvement! Safer Working Environment!  Over 90% market share for magnetic tools within Korean Shipbuilding Industry.

Pneumatic Edge Chamfering Solution

Stable and superior edge-chamfering capability to meet IMO PSPC 2R3C Regulation requirements,  Enable to adjust chamfering size during operation (increments 0.1mm), Applicable for various shaped edges including straight line,curved line, etc.  Continuous long-operation time, Light weight design for portable operation anywhere,  Compatible cutting-tips for both Automatic and Manual hand-held grinding tools for easy stock, Easy to change cutting-tips.

Ratchet and Other Tools

Over 90% market share for Lifting clamps in Korean Shipbuilding Industry,  Powerful Ratchet & Screw Power (Max 5 Ton) for Pulling & Pushing tasks,  Durable and long lasting product life time, Safety factor of 3


Over 95% market share for Lifting clamps in Korean Shipbuilding Industry,  Over 35 years of proven safety history in Korean shipbuilding industry

Hydrauric Equipment

Various applications for Shipbuilding, Construction & Mining industries. Strong and lightweight Aluminum bodies.


Superior magnetic performance on a wide range of steel - flat or curved surfaces!  SAFER! LIGHTER! STRONGER! EASIER TO USE! EFFICIENT!

Magswitch Woodworking Solution

All your tabletop workholding needs in one complete system!  A workholding system built around Magswitch ON/OFF magnetic clamps provides strong, precise placement anywhere on any steel table.


Faster! Effeiciency! Energy Savings!  Bringing the power & versatility of Magswitch Technology to the automation world.  Significant new capabilities and improvements in material handling applications.  Replace costly vacuum cups, heavy grippers and problematic pin clamps.

Magswitch Industry

ON/OFF control permanent magnet attachable on rails firmly, control vibration and wobble and improve work speed and lifespan of drill bits,  strong and quick setting, light weight and minimized design, possible to use on various sizes of rails


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About SJE

Welcome to our Company

We will be a leading company in magnet tooling, industrial robot hanger and magnet clamping technology using super strong ON / OFF permanent magnet technology.

MagSwitch Technology Korea Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006 as a joint venture with headquarters  in Australia and now has branch offices in USA, Germany, China and India.
The Korean branch imports and supplies all the products developed and sold by our US Engineers  and develops a variety of shipbuilding tools with engineers working in domestic shipyards and produces to order.  We also have solutions applicable for industrial automation and robots.

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