• Improve productivity and reduce costs, improve work quality and safety, improve work environment

    - Super strong permanent magnetic ON/OFF control enables easy and quick setting of welding operation

    - Back-end process and working with welding pieces are removed or reduced as welding pieces are not used

    - Minimize energy consumption and save labor costs by working with fewer people

Magswitch Company

Possess domestic monopoly goodwill and sole license of differentiated magnetic control technology globally patented!
We will be a leading company in magnet tooling, industrial robot hanger
and magnet clamping technology using super strong ON / OFF permanent magnet technology.


Established in February 2006 as a joint venture in Korea with Australian headquarters,  we have the exclusive right of using patented technology of MagSwitch and exclusive goodwill  in Korea for all products manufactured and supplied by Australian headquarters.
We also have branches in USA, Germany, China and India and In import and supply all the products developed  and sold by Australian headquarters. Along with domestic well-known shipyard engineers, we have developed  and customized a wide range of tools that can be used in shipyards and have solutions applicable to industrial automation and industrial robots.


The technology of switch magnetic device patented world-wide by Australian headquarters enables easy ON/OFF function,  improving greatly the application prospect of permanent magnets


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