• Magswitch Technology is a technology company headquartered near Denver, Colorado. Magswitch

    Technology has designed and developed a new technology in switchable magnetics.

    This new technology has allowed us to introduce products into the market that are literally “Changing the

    way things are done”.

    In the beginning, technology drove the company’s corporate strategies, with a business model focused

    on protection of its “simple but elegant”

Magswitch Company


What is Magswitch?

It is a compound word of Magnetic and Switch for a product developed by an Australian scientist  to enable the permanent magnet power to turn on/off like an electromagnet.  It has a powerful force that can lift up to 250 times its own weight and is patented world-wide including  Australia, Korea, Japan, China, USA, Germany, France.  The product won Australian invention grand prize in 2004,  A Professor of Physics at Sydney University who was the head of the judging panel of Australian new technology invention,  commented favorably on the technology as "A great invention equivalent to the development of zippers instead of buttons".

  • MagSwitch is a company name and technology that was created by compounding Magnet and Switch
  • MagSwitch is a super strong permanent magnet getting smaller and lighter with compact design and can control ON/OFF
  • Applied to a wide range of applications such as welding, woodworking, robots, industrial automation
  • Innovative and the most advanced magnetic control technology with international patent (10-0966208) registered
  • Technology available for manufacturing from ultra-small magnet to super-large magnet
  • Minimizing factors of magnetic loss by Arranging small magnets to form large magnetic force
  • Designing technology of "pole-shoe" to maximize adhesion force on pipe or irregular surface


Advantages of MagSwitch?

1 Unlike electromagnet magnetized by electric power, it is an environment-friendly product  with semi-permanent lifetime by using infinite energy possessed by permanent magnet without extra energy supply

2 The switch for turning on / off magnetic force can be automated by using electric motor, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc

3 Excellent applicability with various sizes and power to pull from 5kg to more than 6,000kg

4 Excellent scalability to use multiple MagSwitch simultaneously if needed

5 Various applications for all industries from home kitchenware to leisure industry, shipbuilding, military and space industry, etc.


Applications and main industries of MagSwitch technology

Applications Major Industries Application technology
Welding industry shipbuilding & marine, heavy equipment, construction, etc.
  • MagSwitch control technology of unique magnetic field making a magnet lighter and stronger, develops super strong magnetic tools controlled by human hands
  • The magnetic tools of MagSwitch is the best solution to improve production efficiency and completeness of marine engineering and welding industry
Industrial automation Automobile industry, parts transfer line, etc.
  • It can be applied to industrial automation of automobile industry where thin steel plate of about 1mm is mainly used, automating the process that has been impossible for automation control by existing technology
  • Possible to control parts punched, with uneven surface or other parts such as bolts and nuts attached that has been impossible for control by vacuum adsorption
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