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  • Screw Clamp for Bulb Plate


Products Screw Clamp for Bulb Plate
Model NPC-FJ
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    A screw-locking clamp for hanging the hook of a lever block when building vessels and manufacturing(attaching) construction plants.


WLL(TON) Jaw Opening A1 B C D1 D2 E F ØG I ØJ K Weight(kg)
1.5 0-55 50 44 170 27 68 R14 200 40 22 30 58 6.8
2 0-85 80 70 223 30 90 R20 230 40 21 32 64 10.0


  • The NPC-FJ and the NPC-FS are clamps used to prevent accidents caused by the widening, slipping or breakage  of the hook because the load is concentrated at the end of the hook when hanging the hook of a lever block and  a chain block directly on a work piece(bulb plate).
  • The NPC-FJ has the jaw opening specially designed for bulb plates which are used as the frame of the outer  plating and the inner plating in shipbuilding. It is a safe and convenient clamp that can do horizontal lifting due to  the swivel jaw at the opposite side of the screw.
  • The NPC-FS is a clamp designed to use with the wide flange of hte angle.

[How to use]

  • Insert the bulb of a bulb plate or the flange of an angle into the clamp's jaw opening and then completely tighten the screw.


  • Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the clamp.
  • Use a work piece only which falls within the jaw opening range specified in the instruction manual.
  • Never use other materials except bulb plates with the NPC-FJ.
  • If the load is placed laterally, not straightly, on the eye hoel, use only 1/2 of the rated capacity.
  • Never lift work pieces with NPC-FS.
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