• Hydraulic Equipment
    • Applicable to various industries such as shipbuilding, construction, aviation, and excavation
    • Powerful yet lightweight top Hydraulic Equipment
    • Continuous R&D and quality control
Hydraulic Equipment


  • Hydraulic Pump


Products Hydraulic Pump
Model ESP-05, ESP-08, ESP-17, ESP-25, ESPF-05
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Light Weight Aluminum Body! No Oil Leak!

  • Light weight Aluminum bodyfor easy to handle
  • Long stroke per pumping (26mm / pumping)
  • No air valve designto reduceoilspill
  • Max Pressure : 700 bar
  • Piston Stroke : 26mm
  • Hydraulic Pump with NO Air Valve

Model# Max Pressure Volume/stroke(cc) Piston Stroke Usable Oil Capacity Oil tank Capacity Max Handle Effort Weight
Low Pressure
(at 20bar)
High Pressure
(at 700bar)
ESP-05 700bar 20.9 2.47 26mm 500cc 700cc 44kg 4.6kg
ESP-08 20.9 2.47 800cc 1,000cc 35kg 5.3kg
ESP-17 32.7 2.47 1,700cc 2,000cc 35kg 7.6kg
ESP-25 41.0 2.94 2,500cc 2,700cc 38.5kg 8.6kg
ESPF-05 20.9 2.47 500cc 700cc 35kg 6.7kg
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