• Hydraulic Equipment
    • Applicable to various industries such as shipbuilding, construction, aviation, and excavation
    • Powerful yet lightweight top Hydraulic Equipment
    • Continuous R&D and quality control
Hydraulic Equipment


  • Shortner & Extension Option


Products Shortner & Extension Option
Model HP-5-CAP, HP-EXT-220, HP-EXT-440
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Setting welding line of small subsidiary materials such as T-BAR, longe, etc. by pushing pushrod of Hydraulic pusher by strong force of Hydraulic piston

 Shortner & Extension Option

- Reducing intervals by replacing adjust length bar with "shortening end cap" when working in a narrow space
- Extending length by attaching "extension" to the end of the pushrod when working in a wide space
- Length extension option: 220mm, 440mm type (custom made)

Shortening end cap HP-5-CAP Work intervals 100mm Reduction
Extension HP-EXT-220 Work intervals 220mm Extension
HP-EXT-440 Work intervals 440mm Extension

Work Sequense

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