• Lifting Solution
  • Lighter! Safer! Stronger!

    • Exceptional hold on thin steel
    • Compact and lightweight design with strong magnetic force
    • Replaceable pole shoes
    • Periodically replace the pole shoes to maintain safety and extend the life of the lifter

      Attached on curved surfaces such as pipes as well as plat surfaces



  • Battery Operated Hand Lifter


Products Battery Operated Hand Lifter
Model HLF-40-DC
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    No need to touch sharp and hot steel plate anymore

  • Perfect control technology of MagSwitch ON/OFF permanent magnet
  • Moving sharp, hot steel plate or steel plate placed on floor easily
  • Various models can be selected according to work environment and purpose

HLF-40-DC Spec Sheet Downlaod
Size(Excluding Handles)(mm) 172L x 70W x 210H
Weight 1.2kg
Maximum Magnetic Force 90kgf
Allowable working capacity(safety factor 3:1) 30kg

- World's first rechargeable ON / OFF permanent magnet hand lifter
- Simple and easy operation with easy button type controller
- ON/OFF operation about 1000 times or more by one charge
- Magnetic force kept ON even when the battery is discharged
- Two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
- Portable in any places without power limitation
- Picking up hot and sharp steel parts safely and easily

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