• Lifting Solution
  • Lighter! Safer! Stronger!

    • Exceptional hold on thin steel
    • Compact and lightweight design with strong magnetic force
    • Replaceable pole shoes
    • Periodically replace the pole shoes to maintain safety and extend the life of the lifter

      Attached on curved surfaces such as pipes as well as plat surfaces



  • Manual Control Type


Products Manual Control Type
Model HLS-8000-M
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Best solution for lifting heavy steel such as steel plate, pipe, beam, etc.

  • Increased productivity: Efficient and easy lifting with strong magnetic force
  • Reduced cost: Safe and quick lifting by minimum number of workers
  • Safety secured: Securing improved workplace safety through safe work
  • Only one steel plate can be selectively lifted from overlapping steel plates by patented technology of strong magnetic forces even on thin steel plate
  • Excellent expandability: Magnet movement and additional placement according to work environment and target workpieces
  • Used without any special equipment on various cranes and forklifts
 Manual Control Type

- Magnet ON/OFF Manually Controlled
- Maximum working capacity 3,630kg
- Quantity of magnets can be added or reduced, arranged width of magnets can be lengthen or shortened according to length, shape of
- Applicable for various shaped workpieces such as steel plate, pipe, beam, etc.
- Ultra large capacity solution exceeding standard specification can be provided

HLS-8000-M Spec Sheet Downlaod
Quantity of Magnet arranged Size(Excluding Handles)(mm) Weight(kg) Maximum Working Capacity(kg)
2 2947L x 775W x 572H 180kg 1,818kg
3 2947L x 775W x 572H 210kg 2,727kg
4 2947L x 775W x 572H 235kg 3,630kg
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