• Magdrill
  • Superior magnetic performance on a wide range of steel - flat or curved surfaces!

    • SAFER! - Magnets require no electric power and will not release in the event of a power failure
    • LIGHTER! – Weighs less than 25 lbs.
    • STRONGER! - Maintains strong grip on thin steel
    • EASIER TO USE! - Automatically conform to any pipe 3” or larger in diameter
    • EFFICIENT! – One tool for flat or round surfaces – save time and money


  • MagDrill for Rail Industry


Products MagDrill for Rail Industry
Model MDRL-625-RAIL
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    ON/OFF control permanent magnet attached to rail strongly controling vibration and shaking and improving work speed and drill bit life

  • Easy and fast setting
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Powerful 8.2A Motor
  • Adjusting drill height according to drilling position
  • Drill bit only for rails supplied
  • Cutting fluid supplying apparatus equipped
  • Max. Ø30mm hole workable
  • Possible to use on various sizes of rails
  • Special carrierfor easy distance transportation (backpack)

MDRL-625-RAIL Spec Sheet Downlaod
Size(Excluding Handles)(mm) 460H x 330L x 370W
Weight(kg) 15kg
Maximum magnetic force(kgf) 500kgf
Input voltage 220V~240V, 50~60Hz
Motor power 8.2A
No-load rotation speed 775rpm
900W Load rotation speed 400rpm
Drill stroke 90mm
Fixed spindle type 3/4" Weldon
Broach cutter(hole cutter) Ø 12~30mm
Drill blade(Twist Drill) Ø 1~13mm

 Comparison with existing rail drilling machine

Existing rail drilling machine
  • During drilling, vibration and shaking constantly occur due to simple cradle method over rail
    → Drill bit life, work speed and completeness are lowered
    → Risks of injury and fatigue are increased
    → Inaccurate work hole position
  • Too heavy and big size for its drill power
  • Difficult to adjust drill height according to drilling position
  • Broach cutter can not be used
MagSwitch rail drilling machine with super strong ON/OFF permanent magnet
  • magnet / Vibration and shaking prevented by strong magnetic force
    → Drill bit life and work speed improved (more than 5 times)
  • Simple and quick setting
  • Easy and safe to work, preventing injury and reducing fatigue
  • Compact and lightweight design with strong drill power
  • Adjustable drill height according to drilling position
  • Compatible with common drill bit and broach cutter

 How to work on rails with MagSwitch MagDrill and its working time

Rapid and stable rail drilling work
(completed within 1 minute from installation, drilling to dismantling)
1 2 3
Install rail drilling machine on drilling position Turn magnet handle clockwise to turn magnetic force ON Press green button to turn drill ON
4 5 6
Drilling operation Press red button to turn drill OFF Turn magnet handle counterclockwise to turn magnetic force OFF
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