• Magdrill
  • Superior magnetic performance on a wide range of steel - flat or curved surfaces!

    • SAFER! - Magnets require no electric power and will not release in the event of a power failure
    • LIGHTER! – Weighs less than 25 lbs.
    • STRONGER! - Maintains strong grip on thin steel
    • EASIER TO USE! - Automatically conform to any pipe 3” or larger in diameter
    • EFFICIENT! – One tool for flat or round surfaces – save time and money


  • MagDrill


Products MagDrill
Model MDRL-625
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Small, lightweight portable magnetic power drill using ON/OFF control permanent magnet

  • Rotatable magnetic design attachable on circular pipes of various sizes with strong magnetic force
  • Small and light ON/OFF control of super strong permanent magnet providing strong fixing and controlling vibration
  • Dual safety design with magnetic ON/OFF handle lock
  • Design with low noise and strong torque four-pole motor, low-speed start and anti-overheat function
  • Magnetic force control and coordinating precise drill position
  • Easy and precise work by applying drill depth indicator and self-lubrication system
  • No possibility of safety accident due to sudden power shut off and electric circuit breakdown
  • Patent applied for technology of attaching magnet on curved surface of pipe

MDRL-625 Spec Sheet Downlaod
Size(Excluding Handles)(mm) 416H x 275L x 185W
Weight(kg) 10.8kg
Maximum magnetic force(kgf) 521kgf
Input voltage 220V~240V, 50~60Hz
Motor power 8.2A
No-load rotation speed 775rpm
900W Load rotation speed 400rpm
Drill stroke 90mm
Fixed spindle type 3/4" Weldon
Broach cutter (hole cutter) Ø 12~30mm
Drill blade(Twist Drill) Ø 1~13mm
Minimum diameter of pipe for drilling 90mm

 Advantages of using MagSwitch manual chamfering tool

Comparison between electromagnetical magnetic drill and MagSwitch MagDrill
Electromagnetical method MagSwitch permanent magnet ON/OFF method
  • Attached to plane surface only
  • Unable to work on thin iron plate as magnetic force weakened
  • Setting and cleaning possible when magnetic is off completely
  • Risk of accidents in sudden turning and losing magnetic force
  • Lots of energy consumption as electricity should be continuously supplied
  • Sticking various forms of surfaces such as flat, curved surfaces, pipes, etc.
  • Optimum magnetic force workable on thin steel plate
  • Easy setting and cleaning by turning one side magnet only off
  • Magnetic force maintained during sudden turning off and providing safety
  • Less energy consumption without power supply besides drilling

 Operation and characteristics of MagSwitch MagDrill

Operating order and method of MagDrill
1 2 3
Place drill on workpiece workpiece / Adjust magnetic force by lever Set desired position and angle by adjusting magnetic force of little sliding
4 5 6
Operate motor by pressing green button after magnet control lever is on to maximum force Drilling by turning drill press lever Stop motor by pressing red button after magnetic control lever is turned off
Features and work pictures of MagnaDrill

Magnetic force maintained without power supply to prevent safety accidents and resting on attached state possible during working standby

Workable on thin pipe with small diameter

Workable on corner hole of square pipe

Automatic lubrication system

Lightweight of 10.8kg

Easy to clean by turning off magnetic power of only one magnet

Workable inside pipe

Strong torque and low-noise four-pole motor with low-speed start and anti-overheat function built in

Installation of broach cutter (hole cutter) and general drill blades possible in accordance with working use
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