• Magswitch Magnets
  • Magswitch is a mechanical device that turns a permanent magnetic field completely ON and OFF.  The advantages provided by Magswitch Technology offer significant, new capabilities in steel fabrication and handling.

    All Magswitch products advantages:

    • Complete ON/OFF control
    • Precise placement: no fighting magnets
    • Super strong hold: the magnets do the big work
    • Exceptional hold on thin steel


  • Magswitch Magnets

    Single Type Magnets

  • - Product consisting of one magnet
  • - Various types of products based on use, magnet housing type, magnetic ON / OFF handle type, waterproof design, heat resistant magnet, etc.
  • - Increase and decrease magnetic force according to magnet sizes
  • - maximum magnetic force: 20 ~ 700kgf



-workholding and fixturing. The most versatile workholding tool ever. A must have tool for every welding professional.



-Ideal for downward pressure clamping and come with a ¾ inch standoff for flush mount. Simply drill a hole in the fixturing material and place the clamp in. The MagJigs come with screw holes so you can secure the jig in the fixture.



-Side-actuation handle leaves the top of the tool free for mounting a variety of accessories.

-Easy Mounting - Multiple threaded holes on the top.



-Tether more securely

-Noise-suppressing coating

-Use in military and commercial applications

-Work on steel hull ships or structures

-Corrosive-resistant coating

-Marine-grade components

Multipurpose Magswitch


-Various kinds of handle can be attached according to order

-M3020, M5020 model, Heat resistant magnet of 180 degree can be ordered

-Easy to make magnetic jig for various purposes

-Mounting on upper magnet with side handle



-offers powerful connection for drive units on any ferrous surface, enabling flat, vertical or inverse travel. This unique tool has magnetic rotating elements with the potential to automate. The magnetic flux path through the wheels means climbing, carrying and driving anywhere above or below a magnetic surface.

    Lifting Magnets & Heavy Duty Magnet Lifters

  • - Two or more magnets connected in series to increase magnetic force
    →Exceptional magnetic force in thin steel plate
    →Powerful yet compact and lightweight design
  • - Applicable for where strong magnetic force is required such as lifter for heavy objects, shipbuilding tools
  • - Maximum magnetic force: 250 ~ 6,000kgf

MLAY Seriese


-Exceptional magnetic force in thin steel plate

-Compact and lightweight design with strong magnetic force

-ON/OFF control knob with safety device installed

-"Pole-Shoe" applicable for curved surfaces such as pipes as well as plat surfaces

-Applicable to places where strong magnetic force is required, such as lifter for heavy objects, shipbuilding tools

Customised Linear Magnets


-Increased magnetic force by connecting more than 2 magnets in series

-Lightweight design by aluminum gear box

-ON / OFF Side handle control with safety device

-Stronger attraction force on thin steel plate than single type magnet of the same magnetic force

-Mainly applied to making shipbuilding tools requiring strong magnetic force

Wireless Control Magnet Lifter


-Wireless ON/OFF control method using small remote controller

-One remote control operating multiple units simultaneously → Excellent expandability

-Approx. 750 ON/OFF operations with one charge

-Long operating life with Lithium ion battery

-Safety device 1) OFF function blocked when lifting steel plate

-Safety device 2) Magnet ON state maintained when battery is discharged

    Multi Angles & Magvises

  • - Various angle setting by extreme ON/OFF magnetic force during welding
  • - Surface in various angles provided → made to order

Multi Angle


-Used for small and medium workpieces



-Used for medium and large workpieces

    Ground Clamps

  • - Welding earth clamps by using convenience of ON/OFF control Permanent Magnets
  • - Fast and easy installation and movement
  • - No foreign matter attached when magnetic force is OFF
  • - V groove of bottom surface earthing curved surface such as round bars or pipes

Ground Clamps


-All new fin design lowers temperature by almost 27%

    Welding Carriage Rail Magnets

  • - Easy installation and dismantling by using convenient ON/OFF control permanent magnet
  • - Lightweight and compact design
  • - Design applicable to various rails
  • - Superior performance maintained without foreign substances when magnetic force is off
  • - Heat resistance type of magnet available

Welding Carriage Rail Magnets


    Shipyard Cable Hanger Magnets

  • - Powerful ON/OFF control permanent magnet fixing strongly
  • - Convenient ON/OFF switch control for easy attachment and detachment
  • - Neatly organizing cables and hoses spreading on the floor
  • - Preventing accidents caused by tripping over cables, etc.

Shipyard Cable Hanger Magnets

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