• Magswitch Magnets
  • Magswitch is a mechanical device that turns a permanent magnetic field completely ON and OFF.  The advantages provided by Magswitch Technology offer significant, new capabilities in steel fabrication and handling.

    All Magswitch products advantages:

    • Complete ON/OFF control
    • Precise placement: no fighting magnets
    • Super strong hold: the magnets do the big work
    • Exceptional hold on thin steel


  • Shipyard Cable Hanger Magnets


Products Shipyard Cable Hanger Magnets
Model M5020-C90-Cable, CBL-M5020x2
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Used for small and medium workpieces

  • Powerful ON/OFF control permanent magnet fixing firmly
  • Simple ON/OFF switch operation for easy removal and attachment
  • Neatly organizing cables and hoses spreading on the floor
  • Preventing accidents caused by tripping over cables, etc.
  • Accidental magnetic release prevented with safety device on switch installed

Size(Excluding Handles, mm) 118L x 64W x 180H
Weight 1.1kg
Maximum Magnetic Force 140kgf
Heat-resistant type model 180℃ heat-resistant type

Size(Excluding Handles, mm) 615L x 75W x 150H
Weight 3.2kg
Maximum Magnetic Force 280kgf
Heat-resistant type model 180℃ heat-resistant type
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