• Magswitch Woodworking Solution
  • All your tabletop workholding needs in one complete system!

    A workholding system built around Magswitch ON/OFF magnetic clamps provides strong, precise placement anywhere on any steel table.

    • SAFER! - Reduce kickback and keep your fingers out of harms way.
    • Faster Setup! - A simple half-turn locks the tool into place with unprecedented holding power.
      Never again will you be limited to mitre slots or tracks.
    • Precise! - Easy and precise positioning.
      Better control of your work piece allows for a higher quality cut.
Magswitch Woodworking Solution


  • Individual Featherboards


Products Individual Featherboards
Model FB-20, FB-30, FB-FENCE
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Simplest and fastest featherboard with ON/OFF control of super strong magnet

  • Delivering the benefits of Magswitch technology, the Universal, Pro Table and Pro Fence Featherboards are available to meet your specific needs.
  • The Pro Table Featherboard accommodates the Vertical Featherboard Attachment (Part #8110178).


PART#8110015 Universal Featherboard two 40kgf(95 lb) grip magnets

PART#8110328 Pro Table Featherboard two 70kgf(150 lb) grip magnets

PART#8110329 Pro Fence Featherboard two 70kgf(150 lb) grip magnets
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