• Ratchet and Other Tools
    • Over 90% market share for Lifting clamps in Korean Shipbuilding Industry
    • Powerful Ratchet & Screw Power (Max 5 Ton) for Pulling & Pushing tasks
    • Durable and long lasting product life time
    • Safety factor of 3
Ratchet and Other Tools


  • Handle Pusher


Products Handle Pusher
Model NPR-H
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    The NPR-H is a manual screw pusher used for fixing or pushing iglhtweight steel blocks.


WLL(TON) Working Length A ØB Weight(kg)
1.5 590-860(590-840) 590 37 4.8
3 570-870(570-850) 570 40 7.8


  • The NPR-H is a simple and lightweight pusher with no handle and ratchet pusher.
  • The center of the NPR-H is in the shape of hexagon so that a spanner can be used  when dismantling is impossible due to the load caused by an external force after completing work.


  • Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the pusher.
  • Be careful that there can be slipping when the inner side angsle of the both side work pieces to be pushed are not vertical or hozorintal.
  • For non-stopper types, leave at least 40mm of the screw thread inside one end of the pipe(80mm for both ends) when pulling the screw out of a pipe.
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