• Ratchet and Other Tools
    • Over 90% market share for Lifting clamps in Korean Shipbuilding Industry
    • Powerful Ratchet & Screw Power (Max 5 Ton) for Pulling & Pushing tasks
    • Durable and long lasting product life time
    • Safety factor of 3
Ratchet and Other Tools


  • Ratchet Press


Products Ratchet Press
Model NPP-A
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    A ratchet press used instead of a jig when attaching L- and T-sections (frames) to the outer plating, the inner plating and the deck of a ship.



WLL(TON) Working Length A B C D E ØF G H Weight(kg)
1.5 0-120-20 25 60 335 100 160 25 124 230 7.9


  • A ratchet press designed to be suitable for attaching another frame by hanging the NPP-A on the already welded low frame.
  • The NPP-A is designed not to be pushed due to the swivel jaw assembled to the end part of the screw when operating the handle.
  • The NPP-A can be customized according to the width and height of section steel.

[How to use]

  • After inserting the press jaw opening into the end part of the section steel flange, push up or down the pawl according to purposes and then operate the handle.


  • Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the ratchet press.
  • Use a work piece only which falls within the working length range specified in the instruction manual.
  • Before use, always check the rotating condition of the jaw and the screw, and the grease injection condition.
  • Store the NPP-A in a dry place with no water or moisture to prevent it from being rusty.
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