• Ratchet and Other Tools
    • Over 90% market share for Lifting clamps in Korean Shipbuilding Industry
    • Powerful Ratchet & Screw Power (Max 5 Ton) for Pulling & Pushing tasks
    • Durable and long lasting product life time
    • Safety factor of 3
Ratchet and Other Tools


  • Wrench Type Support Clamp


Products Wrench Type Support Clamp
Model NRC-W
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Hydraulic pusher for small subsidiary materials such as T-BAR, longe, etc.

  • Setting welding line of small subsidiary materials such as T-BAR, longe, etc. by pulling and pushing load by strong screw force


WLL(TON) Working Length A B ØC D E F G Weight(kg)
3 1270-1370-30 1270 1410 43 50 35 30 90 11.5


  • For the NRC-R and -W, the middle part, which works as the support, is designed to be screw style so the length  is adjustable, making these clamps convenient to pull or push rfames depending on purposes.
  • When erecting a frame on the inner plating vertically(90°), the NRC-R is convenient due to the ratchet style screw functioning.
  • For double prevention of clamp slipping, the swivel jaw is insatlled at the opposite side of the screw.
  • The U-type ring attached to the clamp is bolt-style so that the repair time can be saved.
  • The stopper type has the built-in pin to prevent the screw from completely coming out of the pipe.

[How to use]

  • Insert a work piece into the inside end of the jaw opening andth en completely tighten the screw.


  • Do not exceed the rated capacity specified on the clamp because these models are lightweight with a safety factor of 3.
  • Use a work piece only which falls within the working range specified in the instruction manual.
  • After completely fixing the block supported by the support clamp, dismantle the clamp.
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