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  • Magnetic Stoper(STP Series)


Products Magnetic Stoper(STP Series)
Model STP-500, STP-1100
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Stoppers for fixing and anti-slide small subsidiary materials such as longes and stiffeners

  • Maximized friction force by anti-slide saw tooth installed
  • Anti-slide or fixing position for longes, Stiffener, T-Bar, etc.
  • Setting steel plate butt welding


Size(Excluding Handles)(mm) 220L x 120W x 173H
Weight 5.5kg
Maximum Magnetic Force 480kgf
Anti-slide sawtooth sticking with screws

Size(Excluding Handles)(mm) 315L x 160W x 173H
Weight 11kg
Maximum Magnetic Force 1,000kgf
Anti-slide sawtooth sticking with screws
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