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  • Rain water Protection Magnetic Seal


Products Rain-water Protection Magnetic Seal
Model WG-30, WG-70
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Fixed firmly on wall by super strong ON/OFF control permanent magnet

    Easy lifting of heavy manhole cover to desired position

  • Strongly fastened by attraction force of soft rubber and permanent magnet
  • Preventing rain water inflow into openings such as manholes, work holes, etc
  • Repeatable reuse
  • Patent registration: 10-14938975

WG 30

WG 70


Size(Excluding Handles)(mm) 30W x 50H x 1,500L
Maximum length(mm) 2,000
Weight(kg/m) 0.8kgf

Size(Excluding Handles)(mm) 80W x 42H x 1,500L
Maximum length(mm) 2,000
Weight(kg/m) 1.9kgf
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