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  • Support Device of Ends for Butt Joint Welding


Products Support Device of Ends for Butt Joint Welding
Model -
Manufacturing Origin South Korea
Factory Busan, Korea

    Copper support device for butt joint welding

  • Improvement of high quality ends of butt welding such as construction heavy equipment, shipbuilding and plant equipment
  • Reduced cost, increased work efficiency and improved work environment compared to backplate & ceramic end-tap process
    → Cost savings: Cost savings due to increased work efficiency and repeated reuse of end-taps
    → Improvement of work environment: Improvement of working environment problems such as dust, sludge, noise, etc. by gouging
    [Reference] 100dB: sound of train / 110dB: Car horn / 120dB: Airplane engine noise
  • Patent technology studied and developed jointly with Prof. Cho Sang Myung's team, Pukyong National University
    → First patent (Application No.: 10-2014-0152145)
    → Patent for second improved product (Application No.: 10-2016-0017672)

 Comparison with end cutting process and butt welding
 Comparison of Ceramic End-Tap Process vs Copper End-Tap Process
Conventional method 1 setting backing Bars and Ceramic End-Tab 2 Butt Welding 3 Gouging 4 Slag Removal 5 Grinding Duration
Duration 60" 100" 138" 80" 100" 478"
Improvement method 1 Copper end tap setting 2 Butt Welding 3 Gouging 4 Slag removal 5 Grinding Duration
Duration 5"(55" Saving) 100" 0"(138" Saving) 80" 100" 285"
(41% Shortening)
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Work -
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