• Welding and Shipbuilding Tools
  • Productivity Improvement!

    Welding Quality Improvement!

    Safer Working Environment!

    • Over 90% market share for magnetic tools within Korean Shipbuilding Industry


  • Welding and Shipbuilding Tools

    Welding & Shipbuilding Magnetic Tools

  • - Improved productivity and reduced costs
  • - Improved work quality
  • - Improved work stability
  • - Improved work environment

Butt Joint Alignment Tool(WLA Series)


-Easily adjust butt welding step by powerful magnetic force

Stiff Jacks(GAP Series)


-Subsidiary materials such as longe, T-BAR, etc. easily attached to main sheet with strong magnetic force

Magnetic Stoper(STP Series)


-Stoppers for fixing and fastening small items such as longe, stiffeners, etc.

Perpendicular Alignment Tool


-Right angle setting, preventing conduction, setting welding line, Simple handle function

Angle Alignment Tool


-Used when angle setting of welding is needed on uneven bottom or when setting a small subsidiary material tilted

T-Bar Setup Guide & Guide Piece


-Small subsidiary materials, blocks, etc. using slip of jig bevel
-Accurately and quickly setting of heavy objects in a fixed position

T-Bar Setting Magnet


-Easy and quick setting of T-BAR and longe
-Prevention of musculoskeletal diseases of workers by light and simple operation

Hand Lifter


-Perfect control technology of MagSwitch ON/OFF permanent magnet
-Easy transfer of sharp, hot steel plate steel plate placed on floor
-Various models can be selected according to work environment and purpose

Magnetic Holding Vise


-Install easily anywhere in desired position when grinding small parts
-Strong fixing force by applying super strong ON/OFF control permanent magnet

Magnetic Foot Holder on a Slope


-Temporary working stool of block slope using super strong ON/OFF permanent magnet

Ladder Holding Magnet Clamp


-Using fixing power of super strong ON/OFF control permanent magnet
-Fixing jig to prevent conduction and slip of ladder

Magnetic Wheel Gondola Stabilizer


-Using fixing power of super strong ON/OFF control MagWheel
-Worker safety and work efficiency improved by preventing gonadal shaking

Portable ON/OFF Magnet winch


-Fixed firmly on wall by super strong ON/OFF control permanent magnet
-Easy lifting of heavy manhole cover to desired position

Rain-water Protection Magnetic Seal


-Strongly fastened by attraction force of soft rubber and permanent magnet, preventing rain water inflow into openings such as work holes

Magnetic Pusher


-Using powerful ON/OFF control permanent magnet and slip-resistant bite
-fitting weld molding line without using pieces

Hydraulic Equipment


-Used for welding and assembly process using powerful Hydraulic force -Hydraulic Pump • Al Cylinder • Pusher • Non-Leak One touch Coupler

Ratchet & Other Tools


-Used for shipbuilding welding and assembly using powerful ratchet power -Puller• Pusher• Connecting Chain• Support Clamp• Turnbuckle• Ratchet Press• Spanner

    Copper End Tap

  • - Improvement of high quality ends of butt welding such as construction heavy equipment, shipbuilding and plant equipment
  • - Reduced cost, increased work efficiency and improved work environment compared to back plate & ceramic end-tap process
  • - Patent technology developed jointly with Prof. Cho Sang Myung, Pukyong National University

Support Device of Ends for Butt Joint Welding


-Copper support device of ends of butt joint welding

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